What We Do - Gracious Paradise Charitable Trust

What does Gracious Paradise do Care & Support Center for Children:

In order to develop a comprehensive and sustainable response to children, Gracious Paradise has been initiated a project which is committed to provide services of nutrition, shelter, education and Medicine at no cost to Children. Now the organization is able to provide facilities for 100 children as inmates for both boys and girls. Besides, project is also supporting Community Support Program in Ranga Reddy, Nalgonda and Medak district and For Tribes under the project title Primary Contact Centre.


Schools can play a crucial role in improving the prospects of orphans and securing their future. The organization believes “a good school education can give children a higher self-esteem, better job prospects and economic independence. As well as lifting children out of poverty, such an education can also give children a better understanding of Human values and Social responsibly. 6 teachers take classes to children at centre,

Children below 5th and below standard are allowed here to study. Children from High School are referred to Govt School, where they can study up to SSC. Under this program children admitted at centre are offered school uniform, books, bags and all required study material at free of cost.

Meeting emotional needs:

Through offering these facilities, organization is able to meet the emotional needs of children. Because, physical needs of orphans, such as nutrition and health care, can often appear to be the most urgent. And the emotional needs of children who have lost a parent should not be forgotten.

Monitoring & Evaluation:

Once a child is admitted at centre they will be under the supervision of warden’s and medical and Nutrition observation by health care team. Each child will be maintained a separate file with admission code. AWidow girl child and neglected children also will be given preference to bring them on track. A five member review committee will evaluate the program chronologically and advise the team to work more effectively. Mr.Sathyanand is in charge and he is responsible for the entire project. The staff will work under his guidelines and control.

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