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An Overview at Orphans and Their Life

Child is most truthful and innocent being, he or she should be treated with great love and respect, they have right to get good education,opportunity in society to grow as good citizen. They need protection from family to build confidence to face the world and care to nurture their childhood. A child is like raw clay whatever shape we will give it will mould accordingly.

Unfortunately there are millions of children who are living without any support, care and roof. Take an example of our country India, it has many orphans staying alone looking for help and hope. They are the homeless,food less. They are deprived of family and education and forced to live in inhuman condition. Such helpless children are known as orphan. An orphan is a person who has lost his or her parents and therefore he left alone and nobody is there to take care for them. Orphans whose parents have died are thrown out from their house and left alone in the street.

But as per the study the scene is different in Dubai,Where orphans are treated as social responsibility of kingdom. They are first sent to paediatrics hospital for first aid and basic medical treatment. Afterwards the child is admitted to ward. Thus state hospital takes full responsibility of child development. They are kept there are treated well. They get all the basic needs like food, clothes and shelter. There is well devised adoption process where these orphans can be adopted by citizens. Volunteers are allowed to visit the hospital so slide3orphan child development can have exposure to out side world. State of Dubai encourages people to adopt child of god and give them hope and family.

There are NGos working towards these orphans making an effort to give them equal opportunity, they help these children by giving them admission in schools, giving them books, uniform etc. this make themfeel that they have support and they can also grow up and become respected member of the family. It is very important to make these children aware for their human rights and so that they can speak up in the society whenever there occurs any unpleasant incident. They should be well protected by law as well. Making them aware about human rights give them power to fight against any atrocities and inhuman acts. These NGOs make sure to safeguard rights. These orphan children needs home and family and that is why there are NGOs and local bodies which help finding home for these children. These orphan children should be guarded and people should come forward to adopt these abandoned children. According to is Islam holy Prophet Muhammad said that “the house which welcomes orphan and where they are treated with love and affection is considered the best house of all. And the house where there is no love affection, and place for such deprived sons of lord that is considered as worst house”.These NGO and social organization is playing greater part than government bodies, thus government bodies’ should increase their active participation.

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