Avanti P.G. College Students - Gracious Paradise Charitable Trust


 Avanti P.G. College Hyderabad students visited Gracious Paradise

They have many questions mingle in their mind? Question which you can say the burning topics about the girl child problems in orphanages. What are the problems they are facing living in an orphanages. What situation made them to bring to this orphanages. Do they face any harassment and behaved mercilessly?

A group consists of 9 student from Avanti P.G college Dilsukhnagar branch recently visited to Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation. They are pursuing Master’s in Business Administration In Avanti College. They came here on a motive to find the problems faced by the girl child in an orphanages. Their focus is only on the girls staying in orphanages.

The students discussed about the present scenario with the Founder of the Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation Mr Vijaya Satyanand in the Orphanage. He narrated about when and what are the reason behind establishing this Foundation. According to him it is a 24/7 Orphanage he said. Where about 60 children from 3 to 13 age group provided with free food ,shelter and education.

The student then visited the orphanage and asked the girls about their staying here, the facilities they are getting here. Also the day to day problems they are facing and what made them to come to this Orphanage. It was a great experience for them they said. They shooted the videos of the girls to show that to the college authorities. May be they can raise some funds for these children and that will be very much helpful for them. Definitely those money will spend towards the welfare of the children. The Avanti P.G college students visited with a great inspiration. They have witness the situation and the problems in the Orphanage.

The girl child has been a topic of discussion and the debates for the past several years. Even today also the topic is still unchanged. So many reason we will find why the girls child is so deprived and helpless? The number of sexual abuse and domestic violence against women increasing day by day in our country. That is main reason that make the single mother to take these steps to bring their children in a safe place like Orphanages. So that those children life would be settled down in an Orphange. Most important thing is Charity. That would make their life safe and secure.

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