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Understanding Difficult Behavior: For Foster and Adoptive Parents

It is not very unusual for children and adolescents living in foster care and other adoptive situations to display behavior that is challenging and sometimes are of more severity. As a result of such behaviors parents, who provide care to those children, often become upset and bewildered by what they experience. It is noteworthy for those parents to remember the circumstances that the child was in his/her formative years. This will help them to understand better the behaviors that the children exhibit.


Understanding a child’s history is very crucial. Often children who enter a foster care are victims of neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, parental mental health issue, orphanage care, parents having addiction issues or some other problems. It is observed in some cases that children display similar behavior that they experience from their parents. Some instances are as follows:

Understanding a child’s history is very crucial. Often children who enter a foster care are victims of neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, parental mental health issue, orphanage care, parents having addiction issues or some other problems. It is observed in some cases that children display similar behavior that they experience from their parents. Some instances are as follows:
• Depressed or withdrawn mood
• Sexually acting out
• Physical aggression towards animals or others
• Anger
• Inability to control impulsive actions
• Inability to connect with others
• Emotional sensitivity
• Sadistic behavior

The underlying reason is, in most cases, is that the children did not have a loving, secure and comfortable environment in their formative years. From their point of view, they might be simply having a normal reaction to all the negative past experiences. That is why; a clear idea of the child’s past is required. By gaining a clear understanding of the child’s past experiences, one will be able to help the children by giving him/her a clam and therapeutic solution. It is seen in many cases that the children change with the warmth and security they receive from a therapeutic and positive parent.

The underlying reason is, in most cases, is that the children did not have a loving, secure and comfortable environment in their formative years. From their point of view, they might be simply having a normal reaction to all the negative past experiences. That is why; a clear idea of the child’s past is required. By gaining a clear understanding of the child’s past experiences, one will be able to help the children by giving him/her a calm and therapeutic solution. It is seen in many cases that the children change with the warmth and security they receive from a therapeutic and positive parent.

Therapeutic Environment

Children tend to react even more when they are scared. Therefore, it is advised to deal with the children with emotional reciprocity. the children, having endured negative experiences, usually look at people around them as possible threats. That is when a therapeutic environment is needed. Therapeutic environment means giving the children an environment where the parents are able to respond to situations in a direct and positive manner.

Children tend to react even more when they are scared. Therefore, it is advised to deal with the children with emotional reciprocity. the children, having endured negative experiences, usually look at people around them as possible threats. That is when a therapeutic environment is needed. Therapeutic environment means giving the children an environment where the parents are able to respond to situations in a direct and positive manner.
The therapeutic parenting is very crucial in order to respond successfully to situations and this includes
• Clear rules and expectations
• No use of physical punishment, sarcasm or other negative reactions
• use of positive reward and appreciation for desired behavior
• Maintaining a calm tone and positive facial expressions
• Implementing boundaries

Therapeutic parenting is very crucial when it comes to setting boundaries in a gentle manner, gentle enough to boost the child’s emotional needs and the development stages.


It is assumed that the first year will be tough as the children might not react well to the therapeutic measures initially. However, if the parents can persevere through all the hardships and difficulties, the end result can be very good. Over the time, the children are expected to respond well to the consistency and the warmth. This will further help them to build more trust and a strong sense of security with the parents and with the rest of the world.


The future of trafficked children: here’s how to help make it a bright one

Child trafficking is the trade of children, where the children are subjected to exploitations sexually, as domestic slaves, as drug peddlers and traffickers and other types of illegal labor. Child trafficking is a burning issue all over the world. In some instances, desperate parents sell their children for money. Child trafficking happens with and sometimes without parents’ consent. Sometimes, parents are even forced to sell off their children. The government should come forward to protect children from exploitations such as trafficking by working on the risk factors such as poverty and discrimination by providing a living wage for parents who are below poverty line. There are cases where children leave their parents and homes, fooled by false promises of something alluring and lucrative.

In a report submitted by the International Labour Organization, it is estimated that 1.2 million children are trafficked each year.

Helping children who were the victim of child trafficking is very difficult given the fact that they were once controlled using fear, physical abuse, mind control, alienation, drugs, moving to foreign countries, stripped off passports and other identification documents and sometimes brainwashed into believing that authority figures such as police are bad guys.

Children rescued from child trafficking are often kept in places and environment that are rarely safe and qualified enough to have them. The two obvious options are traditional foster care and juvenile detention program. While foster care is not always prepared for traumatized victims especially victims that have been sold multiple times a day for sex, juvenile detention programs are unforgiving and rigid. The need of the hour is such an environment that will ensure more stability than foster care, which often shifts children from one home to another. In most cases, the children run away often back to the dangerous life and sometimes found to be a victim of alcohol or drugs on the streets or succumb to suicide.

The helping of trafficked children should start by identifying children who are under sort of slavery and children who look from out of the place. The next crucial step will be to rescue them and take them to a place or an environment where the restoration process can take place. Victims of child trafficking need a long term and stable environment to live in. They also need caregivers who would patiently help them with the transition from their past life of negative experiences to a healthy independent life. The children must have full support from medical, educational, emotional and legal assistance.

The caregivers should start by earning trusts of the children and build quality relationships with the children. The maturity levels will vary according to the ages of the children. Therefore, special care has to taken towards an individual child. The caregivers should be willing to listen and be very patient with the children. They must provide an environment where proper education will be given so that the children could forget their traumatized pasts and could be self-reliant adults. This can be done by empowering them with a good education.

One of the crucial parts of the battle against children trafficking is educating people against it and getting them to actively act against it.


Wishing for a better life at children homes

Children home or orphanages are essentially foster homes for unprivileged children who are homeless and orphans. The ultimate goal of these organizations is serving these homeless children. These orphanages or foster homes confer housing to children who have lost their parents and have no one in this world. To be precise, these foster homes are for those children who do not have any legal parent or guardian for taking their care. These homes confer basic shelter and food to these children. The healthiest condition for children is living with the family.

Kids who have lost their parents or who have been abandoned by their parents are known as orphans. Here are some reasons why kids become orphans even if their parents are alive:

Mental or physical illness of parents
Alcohol or drug use by parents
Abuse or neglect leading to termination of parental rights
Poverty and poor economic conditions in the family

Though it is very painful for parents to abandon their children but desperation, poverty and similar circumstances force them to take such extreme measures. In this case, the orphanage is the best alternative for these unfortunate children.

Orphanages leave no stone unturned in offering basic shelter and food to these children. They have volunteers who have dedicated their life to serving these children. They provide selfless service to the children. Most of these orphanages are either Central Government and state-owned institutions. They are essentially nonprofit organizations who work for the welfare of the society. They aim in providing basic amenities for the children. The level of comfort and care is naturally different from one country to the other. They are dependent on the financial condition of the country to a greater extent. Most of the children home do not have the right nutritional environment and poor hygiene which happens primarily due to lack of funding.

Most of the orphan children do not receive the best education. However, it is better to have a shelter, food than having none. In some children homes, they are subjected to abuse. This has become a major and serious problem in the present days. Child abuse is emotional or physical mistreatment of children. It leads to several negative effects on the child psychology. There are mainly four kinds of child abuse which are reported majorly: they are neglect, psychological, physical. Under quality staff, poverty and lack of donation contribute to being the primary causes of abuse at children homes. The resources which are required in the good upbringing of these children in the foster homes are much less in comparison to the number of children who are living in these homes.

In these days, a number of foster homes have dedicated themselves to relieve from the miseries. They help the orphan in procuring corporate sponsorships and adoption. They also help in getting charities and donations which eventually make the life of these children at foster homes better. Hence, children can live a much better life as they stay in these homes.


Top reasons to donate in an orphanage

Charity is defined as donating or voluntarily giving for helping others. In several cases, charity is known to be monetary. It is considered to be fulfilling for the person who is making the donation. In these days, there are several underprivileged and needy people. Donating to charity is recognized to be a noble act. It is a must that we should dry to serve another fellow man. Charity does not simply mean to give away money. You can give anything to people in need. People donate clothes, books, cars and even food as charity. The ultimate goal is helping people in distress. You do not require to have an ample amount of money for making donations and charity. As a citizen, you can give some of your money for helping people in need. Here are top reasons why should donate in different nonprofit organizations:

Increasing your own self-worth

Donating to nonprofit organizations will be helpful to a person as it will increase their own self-worth. Every individual does not get a chance often for helping a fellow being. Whenever a person gets a chance for helping others, it is definitely a fulfilling exercise. It helps in increasing the self-worth of a person in several ways. However, one should not make donations out of the need for increasing self-worth. They should do it instead as a sincere desire for helping someone in need.

Helps in earning respect

Making donations will help you in earning respect in different areas. Philanthropy is considered to be a noble act in which people having good heart fall. Donating help you in earning a lot of respect from the society and peers in general. In addition to this, it will also help in earning the undying respect of organizations or people whom you are donating to.

Charity increases motivation

The charity helps in boosting your own motivation for going further in life. A number of people around the world will be working diligently towards the charities in which they are interested. As donation is considered to be a fulfilling act of giving, it also helps in adding to your own personal motivation at the same time. People making donations are driven often for donating more and a person can make more donations if they have more.

An opportunity of giving something back

Charity is considered to be a good opportunity for giving back to the world what we are taking so much from. Donations are given to the old school, old community, and even old neighborhood. It is considered to be a sign which you have not forgotten and become grateful to your past.

Charity is recognized to be a reflection of the inner values of a person

For several people, making donations is recognized to be a direct reflection of their own inner values. It is considered to be a deep fulfilling exercise for being able to give anything for a cause which you are passionate about. In several cases, people can have a reflection of their own troubles. Giving away in charitable organizations will help a person in relating morally. It also provides an insight into the own self along with the areas where an individual can improve and offer help.

Making donations is believed to be a wonderful way of commemorating love

Love is considered to be a much-needed emotion in the present days. Love is welcomed always. Love for a fellow human being is known to be a sublime emotion which should be inculcating by everyone. It is also believed to be a wonderful option to cash in the moral savings of a person. A number of people make donations to charitable organizations they are passionate about. They also make donations for remembering loved ones or remembering their own troubles. It is also considered to be one of the best ways for showing the world that you actually care about someone.

Ways for publicizing oneself

Making donation is considered to be a great way for making publicity of your own. You should however never make donations with this motive. If you are planning on philanthropy, giving away donations that you care about is considered to be a great option for letting people know of your good intentions. It is also a wonderful way for getting some positive reviews on you in the society.

You can meet interesting and like-minded people

Donation does not indicate giving away some material or cash simply. A number of people volunteer for making donations and charity and spending time at work in various organizations or even on their own. This form od donation is also known to be a great way for giving and you will be able to meet like-minded people and individuals that share similar interests as you.

Because you can do it

One of the most important reasons why you should make donations is because you can do it. There are people who are very rich and living luxury but are not able to make donations because of their own greed. it is essential for every individual to observe and understand that the world we are living in is our mother in several ways. We should be giving back to her in whatever way we will be capable of. It is often seen that people who do not have much or who are not very rich are the ones who make donations the most. It is the duty of every privileged people for helping people who are underprivileged since it is the only way in which we can make the world a better place to live in. Making donations will not just help us but will be helpful for the future generations who are coming.

Tax benefits

In several countries, it is also helpful in saving tax. A number of noncharitable organizations help the donors with tax saving benefits. This facility, however, does not hold good in our country.

Make donations and bring a smile on the face of underprivileged people.

The Blessings of a Charity Orphanage

Orphanages are the homes for unfortunate children who lost their parents. Several organizations of top faith in abroad and even in the country are keen to help children. These organizations work throughout the year for helping children who do not have families. The welfare, growth, and development of these children are dependent on the blessings of charity orphanage along with people who work there.The development and welfare of the children are also dependent on the good people to some extent who make a donation of their time and money. The charity orphanages would not have existed without donations. A number of children would have been forced to live a miserable life in foster homes or in streets. Nothing can be sadder than a child living in abusive conditions and squalid. However, there are a huge number of children who are living in miserable conditions around the work, especially in the richest countries of the world.

The society has yet not been able to determine the underlying reasons for child abuse and child poverty in different cities and towns. Small town people in this regard have been seen doing a much better job in comparison to people who are living in large metropolitan where people are lost in the rat race. Charity home shelter or charity orphanage is considered to be the only lifeline between death and life of several children facing cruel circumstances.

In some of the poor countries in South and Central America, a number of children reside in the teeming slums. Orphanages there have almost negligible chances of survival. They are exploited for human and profit vices. A charity orphanage ic recognized to be one of those ghettos who are always underfunded. The overworked clergy, as well as lay people, are seen giving their entire life to these children. They have given their entire life to this selfless service. They are seen asking for donations always. It is our duty to help these people as much as possible as they are doing a noble job by serving these children in distress. We as a society, as people, officials and elected government bodies can definitely help them to do a better job. It is important for every men and woman in the society to feel a moral duty and civil towards taking care of these children as they are our own. In the global view of the things, they are in fact our own children.

We all should give something and that is the key. If every single person in the society gave something, it will assist in lifting many of these children out of misery and poverty and ensuring that they have medical care. These donations will provide them enough food to eat. You do not require volunteering time at the hospital or working in the soup kitchen for doing something noble. Doing some donations in this orphanages will help the children to survive and live a better life. It is your decision of making some voluntary donations and help to make a huge difference in the life of these children.


Life as an orphan

A neighbor of mine died at an every age of cancer. She had a daughter of only 5. She does not remember anything about her. The neighbor had a family of total six members. The lady did the best thing she could do and it was definitely very hard. The lady’s husband was an alcoholic person. So, she signed away the rights to us. After this, she found an orphanage for placing her and other 2 children. The other three children were too old for foster homes. The poor girls dod not even understand where they are going. However, they are not left with any choice. At first, it appeared to her that no one loves her. However, as she grew up, she came to the conclusion that she should be thankful where she was placed. Thankfulness replaced anger with time. However, it did not take a while.

When she and the sisters went to the orphanage, they were first taken to the hospital for checking. A week before that, they were taken to the health department of the city where they are living in where they were given an IQ test. It was known at that time what exactly it is all about. But they were putting colors and shapes altogether, square pegs in holes, etc. The girls thought it requires having a certain IQ for going to the orphanage. They do not have any facilities for children who were less than normal and later on, she found out that they wanted children who are better than children with normal IQs.

The people separated her from her younger sister which came as a more shock to her. The younger sister was taken to the baby cottage whereas the older sister was sent to another cottage. It was too scary for them as they grow up. They were lots of children everywhere and even grown-ups which she eventually understood are the volunteers working there. She was taken to the bathroom where she was undressed and something was told about getting the lice off of her. She was taken to a claw foot bathtub which was on the top of a raised platform which helps in standing and washing several children without any difficulty. The water was extremely hot. She saw steam that is rising too high. She thought that they are going to cook her and so she did not go into the tub. She headed towards the door after twisting her hands. She ran as fast as she can down the hall and went into another room.

She absolutely had no idea that it was the boy’s section. It was just when she realized that she was not wearing any clothes. She could hear the sounds of the laughter which stopped when the volunteers caught her and take her away from there. When they took her back and put in the tub, she realized that the water was not that hot. It worked its magic. The volunteers put a bowl on her head and clipped it around it after giving her the bath. They told that there is no time for messing with the stuff. She kept crying all night.

The baby cottage for children who will start going to the 4th grade. Relocating from one cottage to the other is about what grade the children are going to be next year. The shifting time was generally in June when the seniors did their graduation. The day after graduation was always the move up day without any exception.

It was in May she was studying in second grade when she went to the baby cottage. She just had one year to go when she went away from the younger sister and to the cottage where her older sister was staying. Too much happened for her within this shorter period of time.

After the first day of the hot tub incident, she had to adjust according to the routine of the place. Since she had lived only with family before, it was too hard for her to be adjusted in dorm life, group eating and bathing.

Her sister gained a little weight and at that time it was not a very good thing to be overweight. She had the bad habit of snoring too much as well. She was warned by other older girls and kids who used to sleep with them. One night the girls were too furious and they asked her to go and sleep on the fire escape. It was the month of November and it was too cold. Those things were metal and they did not give her any pillow or blanket. They instead pushed her outside and locked the door.

Her sister acted as the fighter of the family and the protector of my sister. Hearing her sister crying out and asking for a blanket repeatedly made her feel bad. When all the girls went to sleep and when all were fast asleep, the sister took two blankets and two pillows and went near the fire escape. Though the sister was feeling pretty cold by the time, she put the two blankets on both and them. They had a very good sleep. Though the sister was punished for interfering and were taken before the counselor, she told what the girls did with her sister, that kind of incident never happened. Sleeping at night became very peaceful then. New girls came for working and it made her the hero for other kids, especially for her sister.

In a similar way, the first Christmas was very much different. In her family, she never heard of Santa Claus before. However, one night after dinner, they arrived at the baby cottage before the main building. There were lots of kids there which marked all the way to the seniors. It was too crowded. It was the first time when she realized that she was in a larger place. They were on the left side of the crowd. The sisters were holding each other pretty tight. The group of kids started to get louder and louder. The sisters found that there was a beautiful crowd down the road which was full of lights. There was a man dressed in a red colored suit inside the cart. The sisters did not have any idea who he was but guessed that he must be very special as the children started moving towards him.

The man started throwing chocolates to the little kids from the cart and then turned to the older kids. There was a huge rush as he came forward. One of the sisters was knocked down in the extreme crowd. They started pushing the way back to the sisters and the sisters started screaming, crying and pushing. However, the sisters stopped crying apparently as they also got some candies. The man in red suit also brought secret gifts for the children. It was an amazing experience for both the sisters on the new year’s eve. Christmas has never been so great for them. It was at a later off time they understood that the man dressed in a suit and white beard was no one other than the boy who used to work in the kitchen of the cottage.

With every passing day, life became good in the orphanage. The prerequisite care of the staffs and volunteers, food and education made life good. When they grow up, they were surprised to know that the volunteers who used to work there served free of cost. Thus, orphanages and similar nonprofit organizations run on the donations and charity of people. Donations and charity can bring a considerable difference in the lives of people. It is owing to the donations and charity of people smile was brought to the face of these two sisters.

In some countries, donations to these organizations and home are taken for deducting on the tax return. Donating and making charities definitely make a difference. When you will do charities, you will fell good as use. A number of people even pay for the education of some orphan. Donating a little from your salary will not make a huge problem in your life. However, the miseries in the life of the homeless child can be enhanced in a significant manner by the donations you make. Giving to others and donating for these children will invoke a great sense of happiness in yourself.

These homeless children are the future of our country. Making contributions for their food, education can bring a huge difference in the lives of these children. These donations from you are essentially gifts to make the future of your country better. It is an effort to bring a smile on the face of orphans. A small donation from you thus will make their life better and happy eventually. These donations will be helpful for the education, food, living, medical treatment of the children. With the increasing number of orphans in the foster homes, the requirement for donations and charity have become much more in these days. Make some donations and help these orphans.


Charity is a noble occupation

Life is becoming a reflection of the rat race in these days. Nobody is bothered about the rest of the society today. In this mechanical time, we should think about the conditions which are faced by needy, poor, helpless and especially orphans as they do not have anyone for taking care of, for supporting. The purpose of life is not just to be happy or productive, instead to be useful and making some differences in the lives that you all have lived.

Every human being is blessed with the beautiful gift of life only once. The true purpose of this life will be served when we will be able to leave footprints with positive accomplishments. No other work is greater and nobler in comparison to helping the deprived people of the society. It does not require much resources and time for bringing a difference in the lives of underprivileged. A Little effort by every person is sure to make massive results in the miserable life of the helpless people and orphans.

Losing one or both of the parents is one of the saddest things in a person’s life. It is sure to bring greater catastrophes in the life of people. It is just not the financial pressure. The loss of love, support, care, and affection bring a massive change in the life of children fully. The personalities of these children re left with a huge vacuum. The shelter protecting them from the cruel world, from the scoring heat of the outside world, seem to have disappeared all of a sudden. Orphans need to face the cruelty of this world all of a sudden. They are left alone for facing all the pressures. There are a wide number of orphanages and NGOs who play a vital role in taking care of these distressed children. A number of people work in these orphanages and NGOs selflessly to help this child. These organizations run on the charity and donations of people. If you consider the increased ratio of orphans on an everyday basis, there are a huge number of people still in the world who are living a miserable life.

It is not mandatory that we need to help these children on an extensive scale. A little help from our side will help in making a huge difference. The whole point is that it is the collective responsibility. If everyone in the society feels accountable and contributes little, a wide number of children will be helped and will be capable of living life in a better way. Occasional visits to orphanages on special events such as national holidays, Christmas provide a greater sense of belonging.

Apart from helping them financially and emotionally, we can help them to become useful members of society. We can become helping hand for these children so that they can leave their whole life in an independent manner. Offering charity to these orphanages will surely make a difference in the life of these deprived ones as they will get food and shelter to live their lives.


NFCL’s Visit to GPCF

NFCL’s Visit to Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation

“SERVING SOCIETY THROUGH INDUSTRY”, is their philosophy and the team of  Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited proved that. On the occasion of the 63rd birthday of their Chairman Shri K.S.Raju they have decided to donate the orphans of Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation. Shri K.S.Raju, the only son of Nagarjuna Group’s Founder K.V.K Raju has steered Nagarjuna a group into diverse fields after the death of his illustrious father Shri K.V.K Raju.Nagarjuna Group was founded by K.V.K Raju(1928 1993) a first generation technopreneur was born in a humble agricultural family in Andhra Pradesh on November 28, 1928. After working with Union Carbidge for 17 years,He began his second career at the age of 48 yeas when Nagarjuna Steel came into being and was incorporated in1974. Being a professional engineer,he was able to set up the factory in only 18 months-a record. KVK was a visionary with firm belief in his mission to serve society through industry. It is this belief, which continues today to be the guiding light of Nagarjuna Group.Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (NFCL) is the flagship company of the Nagarjuna Group. Its plant in the Southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The Nagarjuna Group has always wished to play an important role in the development of the society. The Group is always indebted to the society that not only accepted it but also provided an opportunity to grow and flourish. Nagarjuna Group under the aegis on Nagarjuna Foundation started two years ago as a part of their Corporate Social
Responsibility activities,which will bring change in lives of many. under its mission they are taking up many activities. The Nagarjuna Group donated Groceries (Rice, Turdal, Oil) Bedsheets, Books, Pens,Buckets to the orphanage inmates. The team  also explained about the NFCL and its background. They have sponsored a delicious meal for the children on the occasion of their Chairman’s birthday. In depth the company’s contribution towards the betterment  of the Orphanage. They expressed their duty towards the society and discussed in detail about the  Orphanage with the Founder of the Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation Mr Vijay Satyanand. On this occasion Nagarjuna Foundation contributed the following:
1.School Bags-30nos
2.Note Books -30Nos
3.Sholapur Bedsheets-30
4.Plastic Buckets-10
5.Plastics mugs-10
Gracious-paradise-orphanageThanks for your valuable contribution .Through this contribution we can realize that the team members conveyed the company founder’s Shri KVK Raju, motto “SERVING SOCIETY THROUGH INDUSTRY”through Nagarjuna

Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation again thanks to the NFCL for their dedicated support and heartily initiative. Definitely this kind of initiative will give strength and encouragement to us to go forward. Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation works for the orphans providing them free food shelter, education, and as well as giving
better living condition to lead their life. The organisation is situated at Vanasthalipuram, Sachivalaya nagar of Hyderabad. Nearly sixty less privileged children and poorest among the poor children are staying in the shelter home of Gracious Paradise. In addition to that the organization is also planning to take care of the the urban slum children…


Fenner India visit to GPCF

Fenner India visit to GPCF

“Wanting help, I reached out to serve. Seeking happiness, I smiledn and offered comfort. Yearning for love, I loved. And now I now I understand. My life was never about me. It was always about you.”–Richelle E. Goodrich Everyone just loves the idea of contributing to a good cause. But that occasion was totally different. It was the 14th day of the sad demise of the Group Chairman of JK organisation. Late Shri Hari Shankarji Singhania.(June 20th 1933 to Feb 22nd 2013) was the President of the leading Indian Industrial Group, which has its roots extending nearly 100 years. It has multi-business, multi-product and multi-location operations. There are number of companies in the Group that have wide ranging interests in manufacturing products such as Automotive Tyres & Tubes, Paper & Board, Cement, V-Belts, Oil Seals, Power Transmission equipment, Woolen Textiles, Ready made Suits & Apparels, Food and Dairy Products, Hybrid Seeds, Steel Engineering Files and Cosmetics. Fenner (India) Limited is one of the members of this industrial conglomorate, and ranks among the top Industrial houses in India for over 100 years. As a mark of respect to their beloved Chairman Late Shri Hari Shankarji Singhania, Fenner (India) had arranged a lunch programme for orphans of Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation

n, where presently around 60 orphan children are leading a better life in the shelter home. Here Orphans are provided with free shelter, food and education. Besides lunch for the inmates, Fenners (India) team brought provisions like rice, cereals, oil and paid some cash to the cook and care taker. The children enjoyed the delicious meal and took the occasion to celebrate the birthday of Mounika, an inmate in the orphanage,whose birthday happen to fall on that day, with around 20-25 employees of the Fenner (India) present. Some of the employees, who also happen to be associated with the Lions Club, cherished that Gracious Paradise would one day become the number one orphanage in the city and pledged their continued support, for such a cause. Mr.D.RaviKumar, Head of the operation, Hyderabad Unit; Mr.Shravan Kumar, GM Finance; A.Srinivas, DGM Operation; Gopi Mallesham, Sr Manager HR; Ranga Rao, AGM, Maintainance; Ramana, Manager HR and Mr Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy were present i this occasion from Fenner (India) Limited.

“Fenner”is a leader in industrial V-Belts, Oil seals, Moulded Rubber Components and Engineering Products for applications in both Industrial and Automotive mechanical power transmissions catering to Steel, Cement, Coal, Sugar, Power, Paper, Textiles, Food processing, Agriculture and many other sectors.


Gracious Paradise associate with Kinspire

 Gracious Paradise associate with Kinspire

At any stage of life one can do useful work for the society. Suppose Retired and old people can do lot of help to the destitute and less fortunate. Here we are giving the example of Sowmya and Kavya .Their age is very less but their work is very vast. They are giving Online Educational Awareness to these Orphans. Isn’t it great!

It is going to complete one month with Kavya and Sowmya. This is end of January month. Children s’ of Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation and Kinpsirehas became a family. Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation is a Non Govt Organization that brings hope to the defenseless child laborers, illiterate, widowed girl child and provide healthy life them. In this Orphanage they are providing free food, shelter and education to more than 60 children. The high school students are going to Government school. Coming to K-inspire desires to share the happiness and sorrows with the orphans. It is a non-profit organization which was founded at the end of the year 2012. The main aim of the organization is to inspire the little Orphans. They are interested to give awareness, share their personal stories through learn and fun . They have chosed Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation.

They have started a new theme for these children. Every week they will come with a new theme. The groups will be divided into two. Junior and Senior batch. Each batch consists of 15 to 20 children. This time they make them learn about Math skills .They are trying to tell the children to implement Math in real life. They have suggested the student try to communicate in English. So that each of them must be able to better communicate through good grammar and appropriate spelling and improve reading comprehension skills. Science is all around us. Children must be stronger in concepts.

They have added a new game called Jumbled Words. This is a new one for the children. They tried so hard. Some of them have got the answer. The same theme had also applied to the second batch. Kinspire is also concentrating for the betterment of children’s’ future. What is the aim of each student. What they want to be in the future?  What is their aim? So that in coming days they can divide the students having same interest.

Kinspire has also inculcate the value of Respect as a monthly virtue. The whole month they will teach the children how to show respect for elders, parents, teachers and their friends. To develop the human values like honesty, truthfulness, punctuality, courtesy and appreciation of good qualities of others. The children  will develop the values of cooperation, tolerance, caring and sharing. This is a great start by Kinspire to make the children mentally and emotionally strong so that it will definitely help them to choose the right values on their own. Positive thinking is essential for our mental and physical well being. That is the motto of Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation. They are following  the same with cooperation with Kinspire.

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