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H2O Group Member at Gracious Paradise

“We can do no great things. only small things with great love”. this is the motto or aim of the H2o(Help to Orphans).A non-profitable organization. and a  group that consists of young and energetic boys and girls. or we can say it is a formation of a group of youth who are kind hearted and also jovial. We can also find here working ladies, professionals, students and unemployers also. and u will be glad to know that to know that the man behind this NGO is Krishna yadav. These H2o people met on Face book. They had never met each other before 3month back. Their main aim is to help the children in the orphanage and that is the main reason they need to roam from Orphanage to  orphanage to help to Orphans. they are spending money from their pocket.

A group of 50 H2o member came to Gracious Paradise Orphanage On 21-10-12.to spend. some time with the orphans. This is the third event they are conducting after Vishakhapatam. This is totally a team work. They have cooperation, understanding and unity among them.

 The program starts with a delicious breakfast. Everybody enjoyed it. Bread and jam in breakfast as if the children are having it for first time. Rarely they get this opportunities. One important thing is that whatever the children wants   according to that the H2o group should provide that. They organize a dance programme with the children. and it was awesome. The children rocks the stage. Specially the girls performance is mind blowing. They dance on the of “chikey chameli” from  the movie Agni path. These  children are really blessed by God. Everybody has extraordinary talents. Mahesh u say the mimicry boy rocks the stage by his mimics. After this event they conducted a fashion show for all. They dressed the children so well that it is worth watching. They completely changed the look of the boys and girls there. Starting from Fair and Lovely girls to Rajnikanth and Pawan Kalyan everybody walked the ramp on that day. They rocks the stage.  They distributed gifts to tee winners and runners up. The staff of the orphanage also walk on the ramp.

In afternoon they had arranged a lavishing lunch by the H2o group itself. And its was just an amazing lunch every one enjoyed. But the most important thing is that the H2o group feed the orphanage boys and girls. They take food in a plate and feed them individually. That was really heart touching. The children felt very happy. As if their mother and father are feeding them. But with love and affection  they did not felt that. After a delicious meal they distributed gifts to the children’s. They gave note pads, water colures to the children. At last in the evening they arranged an Antakshyari programme. They divided the children into group. It was so funny. Although the children do not watch Television and movie but they managed to sing very beautiful songs. After that the winners of the Antakshyari  programme got prizes. So overall it was a enjoy full day . Really it was an amazing experience with the H2o group. They felt so happy spending  full one day  with the Gracious Paradise Orphanage’s children. May god bless all the H2o group and the Orphans.

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