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An Inspirational Story of a Guy

An Inspirational Story of a Guy – Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation

When I met him for the first time, i could not control my tears.Very lean hands and legs. Unable to move or sit straight.Everybody was sympathetic towards him. He was lying on the ground floor of the Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation, An orphanage situated near Vanasthalipuram. I often pay visit this orphanage to spend time with children. Coincidentally he came with few of his friends to assist him.When i suddenly enter inside the orphanage i saw him lying.I could not control myself.I went inside the room and give consolation to myself that life has given so much opportunity to prove ourself, a little charity for the society,Am i doing my part ? This situation contrive many questions within me. Perhaps i came outside with a sob face,to just have a chitchat with him.

Satish,a 27 years physically challenged guy came to the orphanage to spend some time with them the children. Children are also quiet surprised to him. Satish talked to the children about the living condition and education in the orphanage. Really he is a guy of inspiration. Because of this irretrievable condition he could not able to go to school.But what an amazing person he is ? He can manage to handle the cell phone with his tongue and talk to his friends. He has an elder brother and a sister. Brother is a government servant. Younger sister is pursuing her B.Tech. Parents are doing very hard work for their livelihood. Father used to work as a cook in a mess. Now his age does not permit him do much of hard work . To run the house his mother is also selling tiffins from home. People who are physically challenged are sometimes not even rightly quoted.They are regarded as a person who is not able to help the society, because of their disability.But people like Satish prooved it wrong. Their will power and strength overcome all the odds.They have shown that physically challenged is just a word. It is the attitude of the person towards it. Satish is  physically challenged but he has been an inspiration to thousands of people, who feel they are unable to make a difference and give up trying. Life has make a good joke woth Satish. It is his fate. but we know he can overcome any obstacles that comes in his way. Though he is  physically challenged he is helping to Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation ,an Orphanage. So where we have lack behind?

We should also encourage him to always follow his may be atough task for Satish to socialize with others.but he has never try to escape from the problems. He is facing all the odds that come on his way.He is suffering from physical limitations.No doubt, Inspite of that he is giving  inspiration to those who think that life is worthless and stop trying. Really nothing is impossible if you have the hope and will power. After coming from orphanage i told many of my friends about him.I have learned a lesson that many have achieved more,but It seems that as long as the person has the passion and spark for life, Nobody can achieve the success.God bless him.

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