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Medical Camp at Gracious Paradise On New year Eve

A team of 5 doctors headed by DR.K. Brahmaiah visited The  Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation Orphanage for a good cause. They arranged a medical camp on the New year Eve 2013. Although DR. Brahmaiah is regularly visiting this Orphanage to check the children’s health. But this time he came with with group of doctors for a noble cause………Around 60 children with different age group were waiting for their turn for check ups. The medicines were provided freely by Franco-Indian Pharmaceuticals Pvt .Ltd. from Mumbai. One of the leading Pharmaceuticals Industry in India.

The company distributed DEXORANGE  a Hematinic syrup that provides protein , Iron ,Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid to  improve the hematinic factors. Besides that they gave various other medicines to improve the appetite and immune system of the children. The objective of the company to give medicine to the children who are suffering from common ailments like lack or deficiency  of Hemoglobin, Iron,anemia ,constipation, fungal infection  and last but not the least for cold and cough. They gave Iron and folic acid tonic to the children. the medicines were given free by the team .

Their main aim is to improve the life of children sufferings from lack of  Iron and folic acid in their body and make them help to live happier and healthier live.  Prevention is better than cure. such camps do help children to understand and  take precautionary measures  as per their eating habits. This is just the beginning to start  a healthy life from this New Year. Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation have planned similar medical camps in every month to build a habit of healthy life for the Orphans.

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