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NFCL’s Visit to GPCF

NFCL’s Visit to Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation

“SERVING SOCIETY THROUGH INDUSTRY”, is their philosophy and the team of  Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited proved that. On the occasion of the 63rd birthday of their Chairman Shri K.S.Raju they have decided to donate the orphans of Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation. Shri K.S.Raju, the only son of Nagarjuna Group’s Founder K.V.K Raju has steered Nagarjuna a group into diverse fields after the death of his illustrious father Shri K.V.K Raju.Nagarjuna Group was founded by K.V.K Raju(1928 1993) a first generation technopreneur was born in a humble agricultural family in Andhra Pradesh on November 28, 1928. After working with Union Carbidge for 17 years,He began his second career at the age of 48 yeas when Nagarjuna Steel came into being and was incorporated in1974. Being a professional engineer,he was able to set up the factory in only 18 months-a record. KVK was a visionary with firm belief in his mission to serve society through industry. It is this belief, which continues today to be the guiding light of Nagarjuna Group.Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (NFCL) is the flagship company of the Nagarjuna Group. Its plant in the Southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The Nagarjuna Group has always wished to play an important role in the development of the society. The Group is always indebted to the society that not only accepted it but also provided an opportunity to grow and flourish. Nagarjuna Group under the aegis on Nagarjuna Foundation started two years ago as a part of their Corporate Social
Responsibility activities,which will bring change in lives of many. under its mission they are taking up many activities. The Nagarjuna Group donated Groceries (Rice, Turdal, Oil) Bedsheets, Books, Pens,Buckets to the orphanage inmates. The team  also explained about the NFCL and its background. They have sponsored a delicious meal for the children on the occasion of their Chairman’s birthday. In depth the company’s contribution towards the betterment  of the Orphanage. They expressed their duty towards the society and discussed in detail about the  Orphanage with the Founder of the Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation Mr Vijay Satyanand. On this occasion Nagarjuna Foundation contributed the following:
1.School Bags-30nos
2.Note Books -30Nos
3.Sholapur Bedsheets-30
4.Plastic Buckets-10
5.Plastics mugs-10
Gracious-paradise-orphanageThanks for your valuable contribution .Through this contribution we can realize that the team members conveyed the company founder’s Shri KVK Raju, motto “SERVING SOCIETY THROUGH INDUSTRY”through Nagarjuna

Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation again thanks to the NFCL for their dedicated support and heartily initiative. Definitely this kind of initiative will give strength and encouragement to us to go forward. Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation works for the orphans providing them free food shelter, education, and as well as giving
better living condition to lead their life. The organisation is situated at Vanasthalipuram, Sachivalaya nagar of Hyderabad. Nearly sixty less privileged children and poorest among the poor children are staying in the shelter home of Gracious Paradise. In addition to that the organization is also planning to take care of the the urban slum children…

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