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Service to mankind is Service to God

Service to mankind is Service to God

What are the most important characteristics that makes a man good and honest ? What are the special qualities does he or she possess ? Where can we find a good man? It is really a tough question to answer and we believe that good men are hard to find. Every day we are coming in contact with them. We are talking with them,they are all around us but they are unnoticed.

What is the need here  to talk about good people. They are the perfect example of being good and honest. Mr.Pandu Ranga Rao  and Mrs. P.Udayashree  have been associated with Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation an Orphanage, situated near Sachivalaya Nagar at Vanasthalipuram since 2010. At regular interval they are visiting this Orphanage. Mr.Pandu Ranga  used to work with a Distillery company  and his wife  is also retired Head of the Department of  Statistics.

Though people have time and money. But only good people  have self-confidence  and honesty. The most important thing is their Integrity that makes them great. Whenever they come to  the orphanage their heart will feel with joy. As if  it is a home for them. They will give the food materials like  Rice, Wheat, Oil, Jaggery , Tamarind, Sugar etc. They also do not forget to bring Bathing soap,toothpaste,shampoo for the children. They also brings Biscuits and Chocolates for them. Even they  have gifted and stitched dresses for the children. They are one of the most important donors who are always there to help these deprived children. We can say they are the pillars of this Foundation. They are regularly supporting to this Orphanage.

Both the couple have been very helpful since a long time. They have strong values and stick to those values no matter what the cost. Showing kindness towards the orphans means a lot. Their kindness shows that they are doing a great work for the society. They always looking for ways to help people and be kind to the Orphans

These couple are  highly respected and in return they give their respect to others. They want others to share their values. If someone wants to help these less fortunate may not  necessary that he or she be a wealthy man .They must have a  positive attitude to do something for the society. Both are very kind and committed. They  are very generous and protective towards the children.

To help the needy and orphans they have chosen this path through Charity. Their aim should be to conglomerate the unity of mankind and that love is the only way to heal the world. They are helping these Orphans free and selflessly .Both are getting pure joy by  giving, which includes much more than material things. They are doing Charity for a long period of time. Still then we need support from them .To help these Orphans there is no full stop. Here we should not forget the famous Quote of Scientist Albert Einstein-Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.

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