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Sri Abhaya Group at Gracious paradise

Gracious paradise is a social welfare Non-Govt Organization, functioning with the aim change the destiny of children. Who are needy, homeless and desperate. Gracious Paradise’s greatest motto is to give homely made food and love and affection to the orphans. They are providing food, shelter and education to these orphans. The children who were desperate, the poor mother who cannot provide a single meal to her child they are staying here. Here the orphans are getting a homely atmosphere. Now a days we can find the money is flowing like water, but what the use of that. If it will not come in use of some needy.

The Question is that How can we help the needy?

 Cannot we spend a little amount for them from our pocket. Let us do something for them. In today’s world lacks of people still live in poverty and many goes without a single meal in a day. Forget about other needs like shelter, health and education. In our view point is that do we need crores of rupees to spend on them. Now we just need to give small funds so that their will go smoothly and they can manage their day today basic needs. As someone said “Services to God is service to mankind. So here we can take on example of Shri Kukatla Srinivas, CMD of Sri Abhaya Group.  He is very Young and Dynamic Person. Who is having vast Ideas On November 2nd the Abhaya Group employees came to Gracious Paradise to celebrate Kukatla Srinivas Rao’s 34th birthday. CMD of Sri Abhaya Group from Hyderabad have an aim to improve the Group activity business and improve the employment opportunities in India.  They cut the cake and distributed cake among the children. They also gave pens to the children. After that they have arranged a delicious meal for children. Everybody is so happy.

 This is for the 2nd time they visited the gracious paradise orphanage. Last year also celebrated the birthday or Sri Kukatla Srinivas Rao’s here itself. There are around 150 branches all over India. More than 1000 employees are working there. The concept of Srinivas Rao is extend his helping hand to the needy people in the Society by way of Charities.

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