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Gracious Paradise associate with Kinspire

 Gracious Paradise associate with Kinspire

At any stage of life one can do useful work for the society. Suppose Retired and old people can do lot of help to the destitute and less fortunate. Here we are giving the example of Sowmya and Kavya .Their age is very less but their work is very vast. They are giving Online Educational Awareness to these Orphans. Isn’t it great!

It is going to complete one month with Kavya and Sowmya. This is end of January month. Children s’ of Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation and Kinpsirehas became a family. Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation is a Non Govt Organization that brings hope to the defenseless child laborers, illiterate, widowed girl child and provide healthy life them. In this Orphanage they are providing free food, shelter and education to more than 60 children. The high school students are going to Government school. Coming to K-inspire desires to share the happiness and sorrows with the orphans. It is a non-profit organization which was founded at the end of the year 2012. The main aim of the organization is to inspire the little Orphans. They are interested to give awareness, share their personal stories through learn and fun . They have chosed Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation.

They have started a new theme for these children. Every week they will come with a new theme. The groups will be divided into two. Junior and Senior batch. Each batch consists of 15 to 20 children. This time they make them learn about Math skills .They are trying to tell the children to implement Math in real life. They have suggested the student try to communicate in English. So that each of them must be able to better communicate through good grammar and appropriate spelling and improve reading comprehension skills. Science is all around us. Children must be stronger in concepts.

They have added a new game called Jumbled Words. This is a new one for the children. They tried so hard. Some of them have got the answer. The same theme had also applied to the second batch. Kinspire is also concentrating for the betterment of children’s’ future. What is the aim of each student. What they want to be in the future?  What is their aim? So that in coming days they can divide the students having same interest.

Kinspire has also inculcate the value of Respect as a monthly virtue. The whole month they will teach the children how to show respect for elders, parents, teachers and their friends. To develop the human values like honesty, truthfulness, punctuality, courtesy and appreciation of good qualities of others. The children  will develop the values of cooperation, tolerance, caring and sharing. This is a great start by Kinspire to make the children mentally and emotionally strong so that it will definitely help them to choose the right values on their own. Positive thinking is essential for our mental and physical well being. That is the motto of Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation. They are following  the same with cooperation with Kinspire.

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