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Life is becoming a reflection of the rat race in these days. Nobody is bothered about the rest of the society today. In this mechanical time, we should think about the conditions which are faced by needy, poor, helpless and especially orphans as they do not have anyone for taking care of, for supporting. The purpose of life is not just to be happy or productive, instead to be useful and making some differences in the lives that you all have lived.

Every human being is blessed with the beautiful gift of life only once. The true purpose of this life will be served when we will be able to leave footprints with positive accomplishments. No other work is greater and nobler in comparison to helping the deprived people of the society. It does not require much resources and time for bringing a difference in the lives of underprivileged. A Little effort by every person is sure to make massive results in the miserable life of the helpless people and orphans.

Losing one or both of the parents is one of the saddest things in a person’s life. It is sure to bring greater catastrophes in the life of people. It is just not the financial pressure. The loss of love, support, care, and affection bring a massive change in the life of children fully. The personalities of these children re left with a huge vacuum. The shelter protecting them from the cruel world, from the scoring heat of the outside world, seem to have disappeared all of a sudden. Orphans need to face the cruelty of this world all of a sudden. They are left alone for facing all the pressures. There are a wide number of orphanages and NGOs who play a vital role in taking care of these distressed children. A number of people work in these orphanages and NGOs selflessly to help this child. These organizations run on the charity and donations of people. If you consider the increased ratio of orphans on an everyday basis, there are a huge number of people still in the world who are living a miserable life.

It is not mandatory that we need to help these children on an extensive scale. A little help from our side will help in making a huge difference. The whole point is that it is the collective responsibility. If everyone in the society feels accountable and contributes little, a wide number of children will be helped and will be capable of living life in a better way. Occasional visits to orphanages on special events such as national holidays, Christmas provide a greater sense of belonging.

Apart from helping them financially and emotionally, we can help them to become useful members of society. We can become helping hand for these children so that they can leave their whole life in an independent manner. Offering charity to these orphanages will surely make a difference in the life of these deprived ones as they will get food and shelter to live their lives.

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