Corpus Fund - Gracious Paradise Charitable Trust

Gracious Paradise is a Charitable Foundation that works for the upliftment and providing better life to destitute, deprived and orphan children. It has been working on its motto since 2001. Over these years the organisation tried to extend its supporting hand to many neglected children. More than 60 children are staying in Gracious Paradise and being taken care by this organization.

Gracious Paradise is a Charitable Foundation

Corpus Fund -Gracious Paradise

Special care is  being taken for their health, education and fooding. Dedicated teachers are there to impart education. Similarly, dedicated cooks are there to provide them nutritious food in time. Health checkups are done regularly. Gracious Paradise wants to extend its purview and wants to bring more such children under its umbrella, so that they can lead a better life. Since these children depend on the Organization, our responsibility increases and we have to ensure that the facilities given to them should not be neglected, hampered or  withheld for any reason. To ensure this and expand the purview of service, consistently large sum is required every day, month and year long.

Generous people like you come and extend their support financially, morally and physically. This boosts our morals and also helps us to a great extent to continue the services towards the children. But, over the years we faced situations, where it is hardly any sources to provide the facilities. So, we have come up to think for a solution to this so that the services and facilities provided by the organization doesn’t hamper and runs smoothly. For this we have decided to set up a “CORPUS FUND” for the organization.

CORPUS FUND” is a fund created with the donations from generous and gracious people like you. This fund is not directly used by the organization and is kept deposited or invested in safe format. The interest or dividends thus accrued from the deposits of this fund is utilized towards the services and facilities of the organization. Since the interest and dividends are pre-defined to be accrued, there comes no question of uncertainties in the flow of financial support to the organization to run services and facilities, which, presently we are facing. This Fund helps the organization to run smoothly in times of difficulties and financial uncertainties.

Looking into the benefits of Corpus Fund, we want to built such system in our Organization. For this we need your financial donation to this fund. While giving monetary donation, you should specifically mention in writing that the donations you are giving is meant for Corpus Fund of Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation. So, that the money will be deposited in this Corpus Fund. The interests or dividends thus accrued from this fund will be utilized by the Organization and the basic money will be kept untouched in safe format. As large amount is required to built such Corpus Fund, so be generous to extend your help to us by donating to this Corpus Fund and be part of the services to the upliftment and better life of the deprived children.

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