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A neighbor of mine died at an every age of cancer. She had a daughter of only 5. She does not remember anything about her. The neighbor had a family of total six members. The lady did the best thing she could do and it was definitely very hard. The lady’s husband was an alcoholic person. So, she signed away the rights to us. After this, she found an orphanage for placing her and other 2 children. The other three children were too old for foster homes. The poor girls dod not even understand where they are going. However, they are not left with any choice. At first, it appeared to her that no one loves her. However, as she grew up, she came to the conclusion that she should be thankful where she was placed. Thankfulness replaced anger with time. However, it did not take a while.

When she and the sisters went to the orphanage, they were first taken to the hospital for checking. A week before that, they were taken to the health department of the city where they are living in where they were given an IQ test. It was known at that time what exactly it is all about. But they were putting colors and shapes altogether, square pegs in holes, etc. The girls thought it requires having a certain IQ for going to the orphanage. They do not have any facilities for children who were less than normal and later on, she found out that they wanted children who are better than children with normal IQs.

The people separated her from her younger sister which came as a more shock to her. The younger sister was taken to the baby cottage whereas the older sister was sent to another cottage. It was too scary for them as they grow up. They were lots of children everywhere and even grown-ups which she eventually understood are the volunteers working there. She was taken to the bathroom where she was undressed and something was told about getting the lice off of her. She was taken to a claw foot bathtub which was on the top of a raised platform which helps in standing and washing several children without any difficulty. The water was extremely hot. She saw steam that is rising too high. She thought that they are going to cook her and so she did not go into the tub. She headed towards the door after twisting her hands. She ran as fast as she can down the hall and went into another room.

She absolutely had no idea that it was the boy’s section. It was just when she realized that she was not wearing any clothes. She could hear the sounds of the laughter which stopped when the volunteers caught her and take her away from there. When they took her back and put in the tub, she realized that the water was not that hot. It worked its magic. The volunteers put a bowl on her head and clipped it around it after giving her the bath. They told that there is no time for messing with the stuff. She kept crying all night.

The baby cottage for children who will start going to the 4th grade. Relocating from one cottage to the other is about what grade the children are going to be next year. The shifting time was generally in June when the seniors did their graduation. The day after graduation was always the move up day without any exception.

It was in May she was studying in second grade when she went to the baby cottage. She just had one year to go when she went away from the younger sister and to the cottage where her older sister was staying. Too much happened for her within this shorter period of time.

After the first day of the hot tub incident, she had to adjust according to the routine of the place. Since she had lived only with family before, it was too hard for her to be adjusted in dorm life, group eating and bathing.

Her sister gained a little weight and at that time it was not a very good thing to be overweight. She had the bad habit of snoring too much as well. She was warned by other older girls and kids who used to sleep with them. One night the girls were too furious and they asked her to go and sleep on the fire escape. It was the month of November and it was too cold. Those things were metal and they did not give her any pillow or blanket. They instead pushed her outside and locked the door.

Her sister acted as the fighter of the family and the protector of my sister. Hearing her sister crying out and asking for a blanket repeatedly made her feel bad. When all the girls went to sleep and when all were fast asleep, the sister took two blankets and two pillows and went near the fire escape. Though the sister was feeling pretty cold by the time, she put the two blankets on both and them. They had a very good sleep. Though the sister was punished for interfering and were taken before the counselor, she told what the girls did with her sister, that kind of incident never happened. Sleeping at night became very peaceful then. New girls came for working and it made her the hero for other kids, especially for her sister.

In a similar way, the first Christmas was very much different. In her family, she never heard of Santa Claus before. However, one night after dinner, they arrived at the baby cottage before the main building. There were lots of kids there which marked all the way to the seniors. It was too crowded. It was the first time when she realized that she was in a larger place. They were on the left side of the crowd. The sisters were holding each other pretty tight. The group of kids started to get louder and louder. The sisters found that there was a beautiful crowd down the road which was full of lights. There was a man dressed in a red colored suit inside the cart. The sisters did not have any idea who he was but guessed that he must be very special as the children started moving towards him.

The man started throwing chocolates to the little kids from the cart and then turned to the older kids. There was a huge rush as he came forward. One of the sisters was knocked down in the extreme crowd. They started pushing the way back to the sisters and the sisters started screaming, crying and pushing. However, the sisters stopped crying apparently as they also got some candies. The man in red suit also brought secret gifts for the children. It was an amazing experience for both the sisters on the new year’s eve. Christmas has never been so great for them. It was at a later off time they understood that the man dressed in a suit and white beard was no one other than the boy who used to work in the kitchen of the cottage.

With every passing day, life became good in the orphanage. The prerequisite care of the staffs and volunteers, food and education made life good. When they grow up, they were surprised to know that the volunteers who used to work there served free of cost. Thus, orphanages and similar nonprofit organizations run on the donations and charity of people. Donations and charity can bring a considerable difference in the lives of people. It is owing to the donations and charity of people smile was brought to the face of these two sisters.

In some countries, donations to these organizations and home are taken for deducting on the tax return. Donating and making charities definitely make a difference. When you will do charities, you will fell good as use. A number of people even pay for the education of some orphan. Donating a little from your salary will not make a huge problem in your life. However, the miseries in the life of the homeless child can be enhanced in a significant manner by the donations you make. Giving to others and donating for these children will invoke a great sense of happiness in yourself.

These homeless children are the future of our country. Making contributions for their food, education can bring a huge difference in the lives of these children. These donations from you are essentially gifts to make the future of your country better. It is an effort to bring a smile on the face of orphans. A small donation from you thus will make their life better and happy eventually. These donations will be helpful for the education, food, living, medical treatment of the children. With the increasing number of orphans in the foster homes, the requirement for donations and charity have become much more in these days. Make some donations and help these orphans.

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