Organizational structure - Gracious Paradise Charitable Trust

Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation Organizational Behavior

As mentioned previously, the Gracious Paradise is registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (Act 1908, Registered as No.100/2005, of book IV and assigned the Identification No 1513-176-100-2005). Registration under 80G is in process.

The management body of the organization is a Board of 7 members, consisting of President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and two Executive Members. This Board is the ultimate decision maker such as staff recruitment, fundraising activities. Board conducts the monthly meeting regularly to verify the implementation, discuss the issues and take initiates towards organizational growth, during these meetings general secretary plays the Chairman role, also he takes concern of writing minutes regularly. Sometimes general secretary also would call the members to meet on any emergency issues.

The Board has employed a number of staff members to conduct the daily operations of the project. They include:


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