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They are homeless. Nobody to take care of them. They are estranged and castaway from birth. They do not have mother and father to take care of them. Can you imagine when they fell ill and nobody is there to give a warm hug. Quite hard to imagine. They are bound to go to bed with mother’s lullaby and story. this is the life of children who stay in orphanages An orphanage-easy to pronounce but difficult to defined and describe, hard to explain. In our society we can called orphanage an institution or any home where their parents are not known. But the omnipresent The Lord The Almighty who has given birth to them, only provide care for these children.

Most of us assume that the children who are staying in the orphanage are orphans. But my point of view has totally changed when recently i visited one orphanage few kilometer away from my place. Before that i have never been to any orphanages. Around 60children playing together. Such brotherhood and togetherness i have never experienced in my life. As i heard that few children are having at least one living parents .their i could not control my emotion. So i have decided to do something for this deprived children.

As I have never gone through this kind of situation i fell little bit guilty that did they do any wrong thing or that is a curse?

Like us everybody deserves family?

then why they do not have any surviving parents to take care for him or her. But the question here arises that what is our responsibilities and duties towards them?

In the orphanage they provide free food, clothes, medical care, education, accommodation to each and every children. Running an orphanages is not an easy work. We need fund to run orphanages. We should transform the these children’s life by giving them various support. These orphan children left with no resources but to grow up in orphanages. Our aim must be to provides them shelter homes and support their emotional and physical growth so that they can lead healthy and happy lives. So that these children can make a good life and bright future.

Atmosphere in orphanages

As There are no parents inside the orphanage so there are group home workers and they really care about kids. They are doing their jobs. They do not have toys .if it is only few toys which is not enough .around 20 children in one room. The room are not clean. All the eatables are throw here and there. they wear every ones dress with no idea where they come from. They don’t have pen, pencil, note books of their own. There might be any holiday celebrations or birthday celebrations. These are needy children. Their education and life is in worst condition. They also need good education. So for their bright future we should come forward and help them.

The reason behind it is big orphanages get donations and fund. But the smaller orphanages does not get any donations. Due to the grace if some good people around us who come forward to help this orphans. They need our help. Why they should pay for it which they have not done

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