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The Life of Orphans in Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation

Anvesh a 9year old boy got up early in the morning,  got bath, wear new clothes, prayed to God and after that sitting in a corner of a room, that day his face was very dull. he was crying, i tried to asked him so many time what is his problem. Why he is crying? But he gave no answer. Later i came to know that today is his birth day, he is remembering his parents, his relatives also  forgot  to wish him on his birth day. A very special day for all. But his friends inside the Orphanage heartily wished him.  Some  well wishers brought a big cake for him. He cut the cake and distributed to all.  He also got so many gifts. Although he is happy from outside, but inside he is missing someone..that is one part of his life, he is all alone. Thinking something……….

Anvesh lives in an orphanage. He has so many friends in the orphanage. Now he has accepted that his life will go on like that. He is now living in the orphanage with good food, he has a shelter over his head. Most important he is getting education in that orphanage. It is not about one Anvesh hundreds of orphans are roaming on the roadside without food and shelter. Forget about education, there are millions of children who are living without any help from the society. These situation make them to live in inhuman way. They live in extreme poverty .Nobody is there to care for them. They are also thinking that what is happening and what will happen in future. Their life is really insecure, sometimes when they are suffering from illness due to the lack of proper medical treatment, they suffers a lot. They are not taking care of their health due to the lack of proper hygienic conditions .We should make them aware about health. Sometime they should go to parks to breathe fresh air. Exercise is an essential part of life and we should teach them how to stay fit and healthy.

To provide food, shelter and education for the poorest of the poor, for both girls and boys some nice human beings established so many orphanages. It is our social responsibility to treat the orphans well. Like health, education is also plays an important factor and it is their birth right of every child. There are many organizations which work in welfare to these orphan children. how education can bring  a better life to their lives we should aware them. We should take some major step to make these children get proper education in a healthy atmosphere. In orphanages they should be given equal facilities and education like boys. They get all the basic needs in the orphanage and well treated.

If people like us come forward and make a step ahead to make these children live a better life. You can also a sponsor a male or female child and see them  grow with your donations. We can make their life beautiful.

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