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Children home or orphanages are essentially foster homes for unprivileged children who are homeless and orphans. The ultimate goal of these organizations is serving these homeless children. These orphanages or foster homes confer housing to children who have lost their parents and have no one in this world. To be precise, these foster homes are for those children who do not have any legal parent or guardian for taking their care. These homes confer basic shelter and food to these children. The healthiest condition for children is living with the family.

Kids who have lost their parents or who have been abandoned by their parents are known as orphans. Here are some reasons why kids become orphans even if their parents are alive:

Mental or physical illness of parents
Alcohol or drug use by parents
Abuse or neglect leading to termination of parental rights
Poverty and poor economic conditions in the family

Though it is very painful for parents to abandon their children but desperation, poverty and similar circumstances force them to take such extreme measures. In this case, the orphanage is the best alternative for these unfortunate children.

Orphanages leave no stone unturned in offering basic shelter and food to these children. They have volunteers who have dedicated their life to serving these children. They provide selfless service to the children. Most of these orphanages are either Central Government and state-owned institutions. They are essentially nonprofit organizations who work for the welfare of the society. They aim in providing basic amenities for the children. The level of comfort and care is naturally different from one country to the other. They are dependent on the financial condition of the country to a greater extent. Most of the children home do not have the right nutritional environment and poor hygiene which happens primarily due to lack of funding.

Most of the orphan children do not receive the best education. However, it is better to have a shelter, food than having none. In some children homes, they are subjected to abuse. This has become a major and serious problem in the present days. Child abuse is emotional or physical mistreatment of children. It leads to several negative effects on the child psychology. There are mainly four kinds of child abuse which are reported majorly: they are neglect, psychological, physical. Under quality staff, poverty and lack of donation contribute to being the primary causes of abuse at children homes. The resources which are required in the good upbringing of these children in the foster homes are much less in comparison to the number of children who are living in these homes.

In these days, a number of foster homes have dedicated themselves to relieve from the miseries. They help the orphan in procuring corporate sponsorships and adoption. They also help in getting charities and donations which eventually make the life of these children at foster homes better. Hence, children can live a much better life as they stay in these homes.

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